Classical homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicines are used to treat a wide variety of disorders. Your doctor determines what medication will stimulate your own defenses to *combat the ailment from within* and restore the *natural equilibrium* of your body. These medicines have a better effect on the physical and mental condition of the patient when the natural regulatory system of the body is intact. Your doctor will determine on the basis of the information he receives from you whether the treatment will be effective for you at a given point in time. When the body is receptive to such a treatment, homeopathic medicine is effective against a wide variety of illnesses. In particular for babies and children but also for adults.

Acute infections with fever, coughing sore throat, etc.

Homeopathic medicine is often applied in these cases, e.g. the “flu shot” to catch the flu before it takes hold of the body or, if your doctor knows you well, he will be able to prescribe conventional medication.

Allergies with respiratory deficiency, rash or itching

Preventive therapy must be started early enough to allow the body to prepare for the pollen season. Once the symptoms have appeared the treatment is similar to the treatment of an acute respiratory infection with similar symptoms.

Infantile colic, intestinal disorders

The treatment for disorders of the digestive system is many faceted – investigation of eating and other habits, estimation of digestive capability, herbal medication, etc. – along with homeopathic medication.

Childhood sickness - sick children

Here we mean the many infections children contact in kindergarten age as well as chronic or recurrent symptomatic patterns of the infant body or mind. Children mostly respond much quicker to pharmacological stimuli than adults do. That is why natural remedies often can be enough to promote healing-results, without the immediate use of “hightech” medication. Of course a thorough diagnosis is the prerequisite and if it turns out inevitable, "hightech" medicine is an important option as well.

Recurring disorders and infections

When a disease “comes back” it often means that its precondition, disturbance of the organism’s proper regulative capacity, was not fully neutralized and that an impairment of health is still present. Unless serious structural damage is the cause, homeopathic treatment contributes as stimulating therapy to restore the organism to a healthy i.e. stable balance.

Warts and dermatological infections, eczemas

The life of a virus induced wart is dependent on the immune system. A healthy immune system will recognize a foreign substance, combat it and eliminate it. This, of course, takes time. Homeopathic medicine offers medication that will shorten this time. A rash is often not just a localized reaction to something external but a sign of reaction to something affecting other functional systems in the body. Many functional disorders react well to homeopathic treatment.

Functional disorder of internal organs

Functional disorders of internal organs are a classic candidates for natural medicine. Here we should think of homeopathic medicine. Exceptions to this principle are somatoform disorders (s. Spectrum of treatment – Psychotherapy) which may be made chronic, by whatever physical treatment is applied.